Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Place to Feel at Home

When traveling to this mystic municipality of the Mountain Provinces, all you need is a bus ride from Baguio via the Lizardo Trans with its terminal at Dangwa Station or from Banaue with a jeepney ride starting from Bontoc. The Baguio point takes around six (6) hours...

This is where THE GEORGE GUESTHOUSE comes in.

Quietly resting by a road overlooking the Demang Valley, The George Guesthouse is a very commendable place to stay within a 5-minute walk from the Sagada Municipal Hall and market. Built in 2005, the George Guesthouse sits within walking distance from the Yoghurt House, Church of St. Mary the Virgin, and a trekking comfort towards the Sumaguing and Lumiang Caves.The Demang Village, with its timeless twelve dap-ays and rice terraces, can be viewed from the pent house veranda.

The George Guesthouse occupies a semi-residential area called Dao-angan, a barangay in Sagada. Sitting between some houses and souvenir shops, George Guesthouse offers a village atmosphere. The hotel is accessed also by Ambasing-bound lizardo buses and Bontoc jeepneys.This road will take guests to the Lumiang and Sumaguing Caves, Burial caves, and off a beaten trail towards Mt. Ampacao.

The Hotel's entrance consist of a native wine store and restaurant serving home- cooked meals. A masseuse can be available upon request for an hour of full body massage 300 pesos. This concrete, tile, and wooden edifice features private rooms with private hot and cold bath, queen-size beds and a private viewing deck for each of the rooms. A gazebo sits three floors above where guests could have their breakfast or barbecue alfresco. Other on-site amenities include two (2) 4th floor penthouse which is good for groups or families. These rooms also provide private restrooms each and a wider terrace for mini-parties or simply for enjoying the panoramic view of the villages and terraces in the day and on moonlit nights.

THe George GuestHouse also arranges tours for guests in coordination with the Sagada genuine guides association (SAGGAS)

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